Steevi Bacon

Cats in Space

“My trusty BC2 gives me an inexplicable connectivity to any tuned drumkit that feels like I am hearing invisible luxurious 18″ bass subs around the whole stage. This, without all of the unnecessary overspill audio-pollution on stage is revolutionary!! Drummers and bassist need to envelop ourselves in the high khz and low hz clearly and accurately, it’s what we do!
With patience and a little experimentation, not only will you engage your bass drum foot/feet like you can never imagine, you will also sense the dynamic ghost notes and various nuances from your snare, racks and floor toms ( I personally have these sent trickling back to the engine’s line-in via my monitor engineers – giving me punchy smaller toms to thunderous floors ).

You can really feel the tonal depths and separation between say a 12 rack, and 16 and 18 floors! Years ago, I would break sticks and heads to just get that vibe, even when connected to huge side fill – just pummelling away and compromising everything..
Bass-subs really do need to be at least 15 feet away from listener to work efficiently. Most venues naively put a drum-fill right next to a drum riser losing all that valuable bottom end only to be sent as air-movement under the riser to deafen the guy to your right, yep! 15 feet away! (uh-oh! deaf guitarist is gonna need to turn up to 11!)

Not any more! I can finally pull the cables on the clumsy drum-fills from now on.

I also appreciate using the BC2 for recording monitoring too. Standard DT100’s never get close to the amount of bottom end you wanna feel for a quality performance take, however, with any Porter & Davis rig you will get just that! Using in-ears? – then it’s even better! Porter & Davis fill in the missing areas of a nigh-on-perfect in-ear soundstage.

This is a musical breakthrough, hearing bottom- end without listening… This clever system is using user-friendly ‘bone conduction’, you feel the kit’s natural dynamics way quicker than trying to actually hear it. Because of this simple science, you are improving your playing accuracy and phrasing, no longer jeopardising your valuable hearing, and all the while cleaning up the stage quality (which we all know will make our sound engineers very happy people!) Try one out folks… you won’t believe your ears!”