Miles Bould

Dominic Miller Trio, Independent

“I know I’m not alone in saying that I love what I do and feel extremely fortunate to be able to do it. Having the Porter & Davies BC2 in my armoury just adds to that love and passion I have. It’s not often a product comes along that can make such an impression on the drumming community because in truth, so much territory in drumming has been explored. However in my opinion (and not only mine) there is still beauty in the detail and this is where we hone our craft. So with that in mind and with what the BC2 can do it’s pretty clear that Dil, Tim and the team have made a stunning product. I was floored at how it highlighted my playing, in fact it’s terrifying and thrilling all at the same time …. 

It’s clear that they love what they do also and it’s obvious that it’s been intelligently crafted and is born out of a real passion for drumming/making music with musicians in mind. The flight case alone tells you it’s quality. I implore not only drummers to check it out ASAP. 

I also believe that perhaps inadvertently it addresses an important modern drumming issue ‘protection for drummers hearing’ a big subject in modern music! A brilliant achievement all round, many many thanks guys.”