Porter & Davies

World leaders in tactile monitoring…
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Kenny Aronoff

Photo Credit: Rob Shanahan.

Porter & Davies

World leaders in tactile monitoring…

Porter & Davies are the company behind the BC2, BC2rm, Gigster and KT Platform patented tactile monitoring systems. All the team at Porter & Davies have been involved professionally in the music industry for many years, and we know what people out there need. We are the same people we sell to.

We do not compromise. Our philosophy is to use the finest components and we build to the highest standard. Each and every hand-assembled unit is tuned and tested by Tim Porter and Dil Davies themselves at their UK headquarters.

We pride ourselves on our customer service.

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“The best drum monitoring system on the planet!”

John Tempesta

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John Tempesta

Porter and Davies Drum MonitoringImportant News

Customers across the world can now purchase direct from us.

Please visit our online store to browse our products.

Video Testimonials

Just a few of the drummers using Porter & Davies rigs...

  • John Tempesta
  • John Robinson Jr
  • Trevor Lawrence Jr
  • Brendan Grieve
  • Steve White
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