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The BC Gigster has identical build quality, power and performance to the BC2 and BC2rm, just some simplified features, the aim of which are to give a stripped down lightweight version of the BC2 but with all the performance. At only 3.5 Kg, the Gigster engine is amazingly portable, and as a drummer you will not notice any difference in performance between the BC2, BC2rm and Gigster. All P&D thrones are internally equipped with our own UK made Precision Devices transducer.

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The BC Gigster features the same astounding performance and build quality as our flagship BC2 and BC2rm, but with reduced features to help achieve a substantially lower retail price.

Available in both 115 volt (North America and Japan) and 240 volt models.

The Gigster is a silent bass drum monitoring system which allows you to feel, hear and experience your bass drum like you never felt or heard it before. It consists of the finest Tactile Generator available, built into our own Patented throne top, and uses bone conduction to deliver powerful, precise and nuanced reproduction without sound.

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