Steve White

Oasis, Paul Weller, The Who

“The BC2 is an integral part of my set up now, both studio and live, it’s not a luxury it’s a necessity.

Only a handful of drummers, the privileged few, have the luxury of a monitor man who is eager to please, and has a desk full of EQ, compressors and muscular speakers that give you at least a fighting chance of hearing the kick drum in a concert situation. For most of us a lot of the time it’s put up, shut up and compromise, just accept that the bass drum is hopefully there and try to play with musical confidence, even though it can become nothing more than guess work in certain circumstances.

So what’s the answer? On-stage personal monitoring? The cost of a desk that’s personal to the drummer? The extra weight and bulk of trying to transport hefty, weighty speakers and power amps in the back of our car?

That’s the beauty of the BC2 by Porter & Davies: Clarity and accuracy. With the BC2 we can finally have the presence and weight we have craved for so long all there in a little box ….

It’s Sputnik cool, yet practical.

A rugged flight cased base unit, with easy to use instructions, it has the feel of a piece of top end Hi Fi technology, a convenient voltage switch for international travel. It also includes the facility to feed a line from another source for extra monitoring, so finally a clue as to what the bass player has been doing all these years. Compare the cost and effort of carrying all that extra kit and think about the gigs and sessions that might have been that much better, that much more enjoyable if only you could be confident that the bass drum is constantly there.

For anyone that has struggled to cut through the ever increasing volume, and the efficient technology available to our friends on guitar on vocals, you will know exactly what I mean. And then you can weigh up the cost?

Now I have found it, I’m not letting it go.”

Steve White