Here is our range of bespoke cases. The padded soft cases are exclusively made for Porter & Davies by UK company Protection Racket, and UK company Hardcase make the hard shell cases for our throne tops.

There are two models of Hardcases: The dark green version for round and saddle throne tops, and the larger black case for the extra-wide throne top. Both have a special internal foam layer to protect the top velvet of the seat.

Hardcase Throne Case




Hardcase for round and saddle throne tops.

Hardcase Extra Wide Throne-case




Hardcase for extra-wide throne top. Please note this is only available in green.

BC-X Hardcase




All-In-One Hardcase for BC-X. Features an internal shaped compartment for the BC-X engine and a separate compartment for cables etc. It also has a foam base and lid lining and a separator plate for the BC-X throne top to rest on. There is zero compression on the contents when the lid is closed.

Protection Racket Case




Protection Racket padded soft case for round and saddle throne tops. Features two larger external pockets and carry strap.

Gigster Case




Protection Racket padded soft case for BC Gigster engine. Features large external pocket for cables and carry strap.