TT6 Equipped Throne


TT6 Equipped RoundThe TT6 Equipped Throne contains our bespoke 1,000W TT6 super-transducer which we initially designed to power active staging but we have since been fitting them in dedicated thrones and KT Platforms for bands such as The Who, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Taylor Swift, Anthrax, Bastille, The Cult, Lamb of God, Sam Smith, Royal Blood, The Pretenders, Embrace, A-ha, James Blunt, Stereophonics, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, John JR Robinson, Papa Roach, Hollywood Vampires, OAR, Mariah Carey, Bush, Alice In Chains, Stone Sour, Slash, Steel Panther, and Rod Stewart.

The main advantage of the TT6 Equipped Throne is that it can be driven by a stage amp from the monitor desk position, which many touring bands and rental companies prefer as they can drive it with their existing stage amps and control them from the monitor desk.

The TT6 Equipped Throne has all the sensitivity, speed, dynamic range and punch of our regular thrones but it can also deliver endless levels of power if required. It is particularly well suited to fast double bass drum / double pedal players in high volume situations.

The TT6 Equipped Throne has the same external appearance to our regular BC2 and Gigster thrones so it is extremely portable. The round and saddle versions will fit inside a standard snare drum case.

Custom throne options are available with the TT6 Equipped Throne such as being able to accommodate various model backrests and Airlift / Nitro brackets.

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TT6 Equipped SaddleThe TT6 Equipped throne is the big brother of the BC2, BC2rm and Gigster: It contains an active tactile transducer which turns the bass drum signal (and other signals if required) into ‘tactile sound’ up through the drum stool. You feel it and hear it, but no one else does. This works mainly through bone conduction (see the Theory page). The result is far more sophisticated than a simple ‘thump’. All of the tone and intricacies of the bass drum sound and impact are felt and heard internally.

The Patented TT6 Equipped Throne is an all-in-one unit in which we internally mount the highest quality and most efficient Tactile Transducer available, the super-powerful Porter & Davies 1,000W TT6. There is zero compromise on build quality.

The TT6 Equipped Throne does not come supplied with a P&D Engine (amplifier) and is aimed at high-end touring acts and rental companies that already have high power amplifiers within their monitoring rig and installation.

The 1,000W TT6 super-transducer is extremely unfussy so will be perfectly driven by any amp from 400W to 1,200W at 4 Ohms, so a channel from a standard monitor rig stage amp will do the job perfectly. As well as this feature, the dynamic and warm performance of the TT6 transducer is spectacular, as well as its unlimited power capability

The three handmade comfortable Throne top designs are extremely sturdy and elegantly constructed, and are adorned with a silk ‘Porter & Davies’ logo. They will accommodate 7/8” diameter throne bases as used by DW, Gibraltar, Roc N Soc, Yamaha, Tama, Ludwig, Premier, Custom Percussion, and others. Custom options, backrests and pneumatic (Nitro / Airlift etc) mounting brackets are available on request.


Maximum input:
1,000W RMS / 4 Ohm

Round Throne Top:
40 x 40 x 20cms deep.
Weight: 8Kg.

Saddle Throne Top:
40 x 40 x 20cms deep.
Weight: 8Kg.

Extra-wide Throne Top:
50 x 40 x 20cms deep.
Weight: 8.3Kg.

Connection between amplifier and TT6 Equipped Throne:
Speakon NL4 to Speakon NL4 (not provided)


Porter & Davies Throne Tops

Porter & Davies Throne Tops

Most of the sound we hear reaches our ears via airborne vibrations, like those produced by acoustic instruments and loudspeakers. However, there are four additional pathways through which we perceive acoustic energy, all of which fall into the category of tactile sound. These additional pathways include:

  • Deep tissue and muscle mass (“Kinesthetic”)
  • Skeletal joints (“Haptic”)
  • Skin sensation (sense of touch)
  • Bone conduction (skull to cochlea transmission)
Dil Davies London Drum Show

Co-inventor Dil Davies at the London Drum Show.

To capitalise on these additional means by which we perceive acoustic energy, Tactile Sound Transducers have been designed to send high-quality audio to the listener/player in the form of vibrations over a full range of tactile audio frequencies. When attached to a resonant surface (which is at the heart of our Patent Pending thrones), the transducer reacts with precision and directness to the signal it receives.


In the first instance Porter & Davies must be made aware of any issues prior to goods being sent back for repair.

If a fault develops within the 24 month warranty period the goods will be collected by Porter & Davies at their expense where possible. If it is not possible for Porter & Davies to collect the faulty product, subject to the fault being covered by the warranty, Porter & Davies will reimburse the customer for the cost of sending the goods for inspection.

If it is found that the fault is covered by the limited warranty, Porter & Davies will repair the fault and send the goods back free of charge.

If it is found that the fault is not covered by warranty, for example, the unit has been damaged, dropped or abused in any way, a quote will be provided for the cost of repair as well as pick up postage cost and return postage cost. Upon receipt of funds, the unit will be repaired and returned.

If any attempt is made to try and rectify the problem without the authorization of Porter & Davies, the warranty will be invalid.

If a fault develops outside of the 24 month warranty period, upon informing Porter & Davies, the product must be returned by the customer at their cost.

Upon inspection, a quote will be provided for the cost of repair and return postage. Upon receipt of funds, the product will be repaired and retuned.

All repairs are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.


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Thank you to USA drummer Adam Parker for this Youtube review of his new Gigster (with custom black velvet top):…
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